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Matt Bogue

If you're thinking about coming in to train here but are feeling a bit intimidated (like I was), don't be.  Just come in and give it a try.  Everyone I have met here has been friendly, encouraging, and helpful.  It's not just a bunch of young "tough guys" here.  There are women, teenagers, out of shape middle aged guys (like myself), and pro fighters, all training alongside each other.  (There are great kids classes too!)  The instructors are awesome.  You get the feeling that they really care about you personally.  It's not just a business for them, it's a love.  When you start training here, you quickly start to feel like you are a part of a team.  I don't mean to get corny, but coming to NCFA has added so much to my life.  It's given me something to work for and improve in.  It's made me care about taking good care of my body.  And I've met a lot of great people.  I can't say enough positive things about this place.  I plan to be here for a long time!  Whatever your goals are, if you want to be a pro MMA fighter, or just get in shape and learn to defend yourself at the same time, this is the place for you.


Jill Finnerty




My children and I have been coming to NCFA for almost three years now. When I first came in I was hesitant. "NCFA is a place where real fighters train," I thought to myself. "I am not a fighter, I am just a mom!" I watched my son and daughter do the kids classes for a long time while I recovered from shoulder surgery. I was so impressed with the level of instruction and the passion that David puts into his teaching. I had some basic jiu jitsu skills from another gym where I trained, but this place is top notch! With some encouragement from David, I started to train and fell in love with NCFA. Now I train 4-5 days a week in the no gi jiu jitsu and boxing classes. I never thought I would be tough enough to do boxing or no gi jiu jitsu, but everyone here is very supportive even if you are not a fighter. I have made some great friends here and am proud to call this place a second home. I am a mother, wife, teacher, and middle aged, but now I call myself a martial artist also




Lorraine Sekito




Imagining a room full of aggression, bulging muscles and intensity, I had always been haphazard in my pursuit of formal martial arts training. There's also such a wide range of options and I didn't know where to start. After living in Santa Rosa for a few years, one day I found the courage to ask almighty Google for help. With some research and compelling Groupon discounts, I decided to try Norcal Fighting Alliance. The rest is history.
If you're reading this, you are likely wondering why YOU should choose it. So, here are my convictions: training and community.
        Training is hard work. I came into the gym with zero knowledge of what it entailed and what it looks like. People recognized the “new girl” and immediately began to show me the ropes. The first day was intimidating, exhilarating and humbling all at once. After my first week, I got my beginner butt kicked so many times by so many people (ages 12 and up). I knew I really liked it but I didn’t anticipate just how much I would LOVE it. In reflection, I recognize the changes in my resolve, confidence, discipline and self-control (not to mention visible physical benefits).
        Aside from intrapersonal benefits, the community NCFA has cultivated is unparalleled. With such a diverse room full of energy and support, it is not surprising why this place far surpasses many gyms of its kind. Many fellow trainees call this place home because we spend majority of our time here. It’s fun, lively and encouraging. It’s not mushy encouragement, it’s real and constructive. I guarantee you will want to get better and that resolve will permeate throughout your life. No one will lie to you and say it’s easy. Everything takes hard work but the team will be there to support you. We support one another on the mat and long after we leave the gym.
        So, if you’re looking for a place to work hard, a group of people to push you to your full potential, and exchange grisly bruises with, I welcome you to NCFA.



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